Fallible Managed Security

Your own security team

Automated checks with every code deploy

Continuously monitoring your public APIs, mobile apps against an ever-expanding list of automated security checks in areas such as authentication, payments and operations.

We have an in-house system to re-run generic vulnerabilities detected in some other app on your properties. Your code is also checked for regressions and bugs in any open source software you use.

Manual checks for logic flows

Not all security assessments can be automated right now. We have some of the best security researchers who work towards uncovering bugs in authentication flow and payment system providers that might affect a large number of companies.

We then automate these checks if they are generic in nature or else run them manually against your properties.

How does it work?

We provide you with methods to record your API calls for your applications, which can be analyzed using various automated and semi-automated tools we have developed inhouse. You get instantaneous bug alerts and a consolidated report for the time period selected as per your plan.

Our tests include sanity checks, static and dynamic analysis of mobile apps, checks for logical vulnerabilities in authentication, payments, checks for data leaks and known vulnerabilities in any open source libraries you use.